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Летняя программа Campus Eiffel в сердце Парижа

Участники летней программы получат сертификаты в одном из трех предложенных направлений: инженерное дело,французский язык и культура, бизнес и управление.Онлайн регистрация открыта до 15 мая 2017 года.

Summer Certificate Programs offered at the Campus Eiffel in the very heart of Paris.

Students will choose one certificate program from these three areas:
•             Engineering
•             French Language and Culture
•             Business and Management
Your students may be especially interested in the Engineering certificates, which focus on :

·         Web Application Developpement
·         Operating Systems
·         Energy & Environment Summer Seminar
·         Augmented & Virtual Reality in our society, sensors & Network infrastructure

Participants will receive a Summer Program certificate from one of the three Campus Eiffel schools:

  *   ESCE- International Business School
  *   ECE Paris- Graduate School of Engineering
  *   Ebs Paris- European Business School

All programs provide 8 to 11 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). The students are able to transfer these credits back to their home institutions.

Cultural visits and activities
All programs are complemented by cultural visits and activities. Some programs include company visits which broaden the overall experience of the Summer program. The cultural visits provide a "behind the scenes" understanding of French culture and allow participants to discover sites that few tourists would think of exploring.

We are excited to invite you to visit our 2017 Campus Eiffel Summer Programs website http://summer.pariseiffel.fr
Tuition fee is 1 850 Euros including courses, internet access, official transcripts, orientation, cultural visits, program certificate & certificate ceremony.
But, if we work on an exchange basis, for any 1 student I send you for 1 semester, you get to send me 2 for summer for free.

Housing: we have agreements with some residences & host families, and we can help you with this. Please note that housing is not included in the program tuition fee.

Registration is now open!Students are able to apply online until May 15th, 2017.